Special Purpose Examination (SPEX) Board Prep

Comprehensive medicine review for the Special Purpose Examination (SPEX).  Test and review for the general, general practice of medicine required for successful completion of the SPEX Exam.  Focuses on clinical applications for over 20 content areas.  Perfect for examinees who have not had recent experience with board or certification examinations.

Special Features:

  • Create your own flashcards
  • Mark and annotate questions
  • Flexible question selector

What topics does it cover?

  • Internal and Clinical Medicine
  • Preventive Medicine and Public Health
  • Physical Diagnosis
  • Critical Care and Emergency Medicine
  • Pharmacology

3000+ multiple choice questions with detailed explanations

Covers all key aspects of the NBME SPEX Test Plan

Test, study and review modes

Detailed scoring feedback


6 months


3 months


1 month