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2,700+ Multiple Choice Questions With Detailed Explanations

The secret to taking the boards with confidence is taking practice exams written by medical professionals. Gain access to a large question bank with detailed explanations to every question. Exam Master will prepare you for any questions that may appear in your test.

An 8-year-old girl, who weighs 70 lbs and is 52 inches tall,  has been diagnosed with Stage I HTN. Physical examination and lab studies are normal. Which additional test is most likely to detect target-organ damage abnormalities in this child?

  • A. Echocardiogram
  • B. Insulin level
  • C. Plasma renin level
  • D. Polysomnography
  • E. Renovascular imaging

Built from the ABFM Exam Blueprint

  • Detailed review of all body systems
  • History Taking & Performing Physical Examination
  • Using Laboratory & Diagnostic Studies
  • Formulating Most Likely Diagnosis
  • Health Maintenance
  • Clinical Intervention
  • Pharmaceutical Therapeutics
  • Applying Basic Science Concepts
Studying for the PANCE with Exam Master
Studying for a career as a PA. Pass the PANCE

Test, Study, and Review Modes

Exam Master is built on a test taking interface. Choose between three test taking modes and strengthen your ability to perform on exam day. Start with studying the questions, then take a practice test, then review your results and the detailed explanations for each question. We’ll help you pass your boards with confidence.

Studying for a career as a PA. Pass the PANCE

Know Your Weak Study Areas With Detailed Score Reports

Exam Master will give you detailed score reports to show your strong and weak study areas. This is a powerful tool to help you study efficiently and focus on your weakest areas first. Broaden your knowledge, don’t waste your time studying your strong study areas, and pass the test with flying colors.

Exam Results


Total Exam Score


Topic: Psychiatry


Topic: Surgery
Topic: Psychiatry
48 / 60 (80%)

Topic: Preventive Medicine
54 / 60 (90%)

Topic: Pediatrics
45 / 60 (75%)

Topic: Surgery
36 / 60 (60%)

Improve memorization with custom flashcards

Create flashcards from difficult questions so you can review them later. Never get the same question wrong twice. Annotate questions while taking a practice test. Mark them for followup later or write down what was tricky about the question. A powerful feature to prepare you for the boards.

Studying for your boards is not enough.

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  • Detailed explanations
  • Customizable exams
  • Score reports


Family Medicine (ABFM) Practice Exam – $79.99

Based on the ABFM blueprint, Exam Master’s Family Medicine (ABFM) practice exam is designed to give the Family Medicine Certification candidate a realistic exam experience. The primary exam consists of 280 test items divided into 3 exam blocks. The first of these 3 exam blocks consists of 120 questions, with the remaining exam blocks consisting of 80 questions each. These exam blocks cover all the key topics that are found on the ABFM Family Medicine exam blueprint.

Also included are 45-question blocks for each of the following topics: Child & Adolescent Care, Maternity Care, Women’s Health, Emergent/Urgent Care, Hospital Medicine, and Ambulatory Family Medicine.

  • Based on the ABFM examination blueprint
  • 280 questions organized in three primary exam blocks
  • 270 questions organized in six specialty blocks
  • Includes Test, Study, and Learning modes
  • Detailed explanations for each question
  • Summary and detailed score reports
  • 60 Day access