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Why are so many librarians and administrators choosing Exam Master OnLine®?


Exam Master OnLine® (EMO) for institutions is easy to deploy and manage. It is fully web-based, there are no books to replace, and students access the system independently.
Uncomplicated licensing. Unlike many resources, EMO for institutions uses a simple end-user click-thru licensing agreement.
Scalable Pricing. EMO tiered pricing plan ensures that you only pay for the level of access needed by your constituents.
EMO is a resource students actually use. This is the primary reason you want to subscribe to a resource. Usage data shows that this is a resource that students use over and over again.
Online Portal Reporting. We provide library staff and administrators with the ability to monitor usage, registered users, exam activity, etc. in real time, and conveniently online.

Ask about our free trial

  • We set up a portal for your institution.
  • We provide succinct video, quick guides, and registration materials to make it easy for students, residents and faculty to get started.
  • We provide usage statistics and available student feedback at the end of the trial.
  • Set-up is quick and easy.

Economical Licensing Plans - Discounts for new clients

  • No usage restrictions.
  • Includes portal reporting feature for up to two administrators.
  • Receive instant feedback on all new registrations if desired.
  • Available IP and e-mail authentication.
  • Detailed usage stats available at any time.

Tiered Pricing Plan for Easy Budgeting and Management

  • Choose the right tier level for your institution.
  • Pricing based on active users.
  • Tiers can be adjusted up or down as needed.
  • Cost per user is less than books!

Resources Available for the Following Constituents

  • Medical Students USMLE Review - All three steps
  • Physician Assistants - PANCE / PANRE Review
  • Residents - USMLE Review / Medical Specialty Board Review
  • Physicians - Medical Specialty Board Review, perfect for certification or recertification
  • Pharmacist Students - NAPLEX review
  • Nursing Students - NCLEX-RN preparation and review
  • Nurse Practitioners – Family Nurse Practitioner advanced study and review for certification
  • Dental Students - NBDE Part 1 preparation and review

For more information or to set up a free trial please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your name, program name, and institutional email address.

* Exam Master’s products have no affiliation with, or endorsement from, any certification or medical boards.


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High Quality Question Banks

  • Dentistry NBDE Part 1

    2100+ questions Topics Include:

    Anatomic SciencesBiochemistry-PhysiologyMicrobiology-PathologyDental Anatomy and Occlusion
  • Medical Certification
    • Family Medicine (ABFM)

      4000+ questions Topics Include:

      PsychiatryInternal and Clinical MedicineSurgeryGynecology and ObstetricsPediatricsPreventive Medicine and Public HealthPharmacology
    • Internal Medicine (ABIM)

      2800+ questions Topics Include:

      Internal and Clinical MedicinePathologyPreventive Medicine and Public HealthPhysical DiagnosisCritical Care and Emergency MedicineNeurology
    • Pediatrics (ABP)

      800+ Questions Topics Include:

      Growth and DevelopmentDisorders by Body SystemAdolescent MedicinePreventive Pediatrics
    • Surgery (ABS)

      1050+ Questions Topics Include:

      Surgery Physiology/Critical CareAnesthesia/Pain ManagementBody Systems
    • Special Purpose Examination (SPEX)

      4100+ Questions Topics Include:

      Internal and Clinical MedicinePsychiatryPreventive Medicine and Public HealthPhysical Diagnosis
    • Urgent Care (ABUCM)

      1300+ Questions Topics Include:

      General MedicinePediatricsOccupational MedicinePain ManagementPreventive Medicine
  • Medical Subjects
    • Basic Health Sciences

      7000+ Questions Subjects:

      AnatomyBiochemistryCytology and HistologyMedical MicrobiologyPathologyPhysiology
    • Clinical Health Sciences

      2000+ Questions Subjects:

      Internal and Clinical MedicinePsychiatry
  • Nursing
    • Nursing (NCLEX-RN)

      3700+ Questions Topics:

      Safe and Effective Care EnvironmentHealth Promotion and MaintenancePsychosocial IntegrityPhysiological Integrity
    • Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

      1150+ Questions Topics:

      Health Promotion and Disease PreventionResearchAssessment of Acute and Chronic IllnessNurse Practitioner and Patient RelationshipProfessional Role and PolicyClinical Management
  • Pharmacy (NAPLEX)

    1700+ Questions Topics:

    Providing Healthcare InformationPreparation and Dispensing of MedicinesSafe and Effective PharmacotherapyGeneric-Brand Drug ReviewMost Commonly-prescribed Medications
  • Physician Assistant (PANCE/PANRE)

    2200+ Questions Topics:

    Diseases/Disorders by Body SystemInfectious DiseasesPsychiatry/Behavioral Science
    • Step 1

      2200+ Questions Topics:

      General PrinciplesDiseases/Disorders by Body System
    • Step 2 CK

      2650+ Questions Topics:

      General PrinciplesDiseases/Disorders by Body System
    • Step 3

      2700+ Questions Topics:

      Diseases/Disorders by Body SystemHealth MaintenanceIll-Defined Symptoms

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  • OUHSC Student

    I like it all. The questions sometimes are very difficult, but I'd rather them be difficult (and learn something from them) than be too easy.   Read More
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